The journey is only the beginning.

Venturing out to South Dakota was nothing short of another mind expanding experience. There is such a stereotype with the Midwest, that it is a desolate and cold place that no one should visit. As I learn about and immerse myself in the culture of South Dakota, it continues to intrigue me with its beauty, its quietness, and its ample ability to allow for self-reflection and meditation. This is one state that exposes another layer, to lure me in, after each trip. 

Stepping out of the daily routine and into a place where time knows no boundaries and the day of experiences is at your fingertips, is priceless. My mind, body, and my eyes constantly crave for visual stimulation. Driving down the windy roads of Vermillion into Nebraska, with the fall sun glowing on the skin of Kris and I, it allowed us to find inspiration over each hill and off the beaten path. There is nothing quite like coming to the crest of a hill and viewing breath taking landscape for miles. The sight impacts your mind, heart, and soul, making whatever is occurring in your life quickly fade away as you're brought back to, life's simplicities and its beauty.

With each vivid sunset, at the crest of every hill, and with every unfamiliar road I ask myself: "what else is out here?" I look forward to sharing with you my journey to find my answers to this question on each excursion into this mysterious state.