At first glance

For some, South Dakota is a place that very few are likely to visit. My exploration of this state began in the creative city of Sioux Falls. At first glance, visitors think this small city is a magnet for small towns with its airport and a few other attractions. But after reading a New York Times article about the budding food and creative scene here, I knew there was much to be uncovered. 

On the surface, Sioux Falls appears to be compact, quaint, and subdued, but under the surface there is much more brewing. There are a number of great restaurants, a delicious coffee shop, and a to-die-for patisserie (that I highly recommend). In addition to the food scene, Sioux Falls is home to a number of talented creatives who are working to continuously grow its budding scene. From intimate galleries, a phenomenal reusable art supply store + art classes, and to a strong sense of community, this city is embracing creatives with open arms. 

Walking the streets of Sioux Falls, chatting with locals, and indulging in the coffee and the sweets, I too felt welcomed by the community. It left me feeling inspired not only in my own creative practices, but also to connect and collaborate with local artists. Sioux Falls is a place to watch; it is onto something remarkable.