Travel: Baltimore – Walk About

I am never one to be a home body for too long because the nomad in me has to run free every so often. (As I already have a trip planned in the next few weeks!) After reliving my travels to Paris with you all, I found some imagery that resonated with my nomad spirit. 

I have always had a love for Baltimore because of its vibrant creative culture underneath that deserted and vacant facade. On a previous trip to one of my favorite cities, I had the luxury to bring my partner Kris there with me to experience the Baltimore I know and love. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to indulge in some AMAZING thrift finds from my token stops, but I was able to walk around my old stomping grounds, in some cherished thrift pieces, on such a gorgeous day. 

A few of my MUST go to thrift stores: Savers Thrift Store Parkville and Goodwill Towson Store (if you're willing to make the trek but it's SO worth it!) and Value Village on Ritchie Highway. These are each close enough to Baltimore that you can pick up an outfit in the morning and have it ready to wear later that night.