While the humidity subsided and graced us with marvelous, breezy weather, I had to get outside and explore. Over the weekend, I was able to celebrate two monumental occasions with great friends: one being a birthday which is one of my favorites to partake in. My dear friend Etta arranged for a get together at the National Arboretum to indulge in new experiences with some of her closest friends. 

We were able to explore the Asian Collection that transported us to a distant world. The immediate tranquility and lack of city sounds created a relaxing energy around me. As I walked down pebbled paths and sunlit trees, deeper into the green lusciousness, a moment of awe came over me. I forgot how alluring and embracing nature can be to the mind and soul. This experience couldn't have come at a better time during a busy weekend. 

When your mind needs a release, immerse yourself in the arboretums and other green spaces wherever you may reside to clear your thoughts, reflect, and center yourself to start anew.