Step Into The Sun

Sometimes all it takes is the support from those we love to remind us that we can travel off the beaten path. As I embark on my journey, these two mantra bands from my sister serve as my reminder; I can always embrace change. 

Change has been such a constant in my life and in all of our lives. Yet, I find that many of us struggle with this fear of the unknown. I continue to ask myself: Why? 

Why do we struggle with change? 

Why can't we lean into change?

Why can't we embrace it? 

Then I think about how I am able to adjust to change and indulge in my nomadic ways. This leads me to the real question that I should be asking. Not why, but how? 

How do we refocus,

push ourselves,

and genuinely embrace change?  

We have been taught to fear what we don't know, remain comfortably in a routine: It's normal to settle. But I find myself questioning, more and more, what we have been told.

What happened to searching for the answers, 

exploring ourselves,

and exploring our surroundings? 

We have lost the desire to be curious, to wonder, and to consider the source of our information. But this is where our ability to embrace change begins: questioning and going on a journey for information. It is when we embark on this journey that we are able to learn about ourselves, push ourselves, and focus on what drives us. 

We don't have time to aimlessly sit around and wait for things to change, wait for our dream job to come, or wait for our soulmate to walk through the door. Though we cannot force things to come before their time, we have to be active in pursuing what we want. We cannot be afraid of what might happen. We must open ourselves up to what could happen. We have to push through obstacles and fears by truly believing in ourselves, believing that we can do anything. 

This is when real progress begins: When we are no longer scared of what might happen but are, instead, taking control of our lives. All of us could change the world, we just have to believe that we can. 

So when you ask yourself, how can I refocus, push myself, and genuinely embrace change? Remember that it starts with you. You must begin to question, explore, and step out of your comfort zone to begin your journey of embracing change.