Chasing Sunsets

Traveling always creates an opportunity to experience something new, leaving your doubts and fears behind. My first trip to the the Great Plains, to South Dakota, was an eye opening experience that expanded my appreciation for the unknown.

The nomad in me has been fulfilling her need for adventure, travel, new experiences, all while planning for change in these last few weeks. A trip to Vermillion, South Dakota took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see a different side of the states. I found myself wondering what was out there, what was there to do, will it be boring? All questions that seemed pertinent at the time and quickly faded as I ventured out into the wide open space that allows the eye to wander for miles and is vividly breathtaking. 

As I took in the stunning views and reflected on what this next chapter entails, I know that South Dakota will be a place where my curiosity can run free. There is much more to be discovered behind the desolate flat lands and on these endless open roads. I look forward to uncovering all of the secrets it has yet to share with me.